Sadia Huque

Working hard in order to achieve something and finally earning it is one of the best feelings. Knowing the energy and the effort that was devoted feels good. Being successful, being who you want to be, meeting your favorite artists, having dinner with your favorite politicians, or even seeing the movie you have been waiting for a month now? Those moments feel amazing. And why exactly do they? It is because the amount of work you invested and the patience you possessed all came to understanding and knowing that one day it will happen. You know that one day, things will fall into place in the way that they should.

My name is Sadia Huque. I am 18 years old, born and currently residing in Manhattan, New York. I have worked on myself to become the person that I am today. All my achievements have worked out because of my sheer perseverance and diligence. Growing up, I attended every pro-dominated white school; be it elementary, middle, or high school. Being the only brown girl there, I have never felt like I was out of place. Everyone accepted me for myself, despite the obvious fact that I was nothing like them in regards to appearance, culture, and even religion. And so, I truly have achieved all that I’ve acquired from hard work.

So what makes me different from everyone else? It’s my struggles. My internal battle. My self-esteem. I wasn’t a fan of my look, nor my struggles being displayed to the world. My self-esteem wasn’t matching my confidence. I was very self-conscious about how I was, how people could draw upon the darkness that was in my life, right in front of my face. My turning point has been my look. Before my senior year of high school, I went through a surgery. Not anything major but a surgery is a surgery. It has been a very big turning point in life. After that surgery, I began to love myself way more. My confidence boosted up even more and I was feeling myself. The internal battles of my self-esteem grew stronger as the days went by. Having a surgery has been a major change in my life, especially since I was afraid of doctors.

Another internal battle that I have faced and still am facing as I continue to grow, is doing anything to bring embarrassment to my parents. My parents are my idols. Their hustles, their struggles, and their work ethics are things that keep me going as I open my eyes in the morning and when I close my eyes as I go to sleep. They are my biggest inspirations. I would do anything and everything for them. One thing I wouldn’t want to do is anything that will ever cause them to lower their heads in public, because of the shame I brought to them. That is something I wouldn’t want or allow to happen. I study hard and work hard in my life so my parents can be really proud of what I do. So my parents can have their heads held up high for what I do and how I represent them in society.

In life, we all have different day to day struggles. It is not how you were before the struggles kick in, but it’s about how you battle them now. However you react to the struggles, will be your outcome. The way you handle your struggles will determine how your tomorrow will look. Love yourself and be confident about who you are. Life will not always be the way you want it to be, but you have the power to change what you have today to make a better tomorrow. Mentally, physically, emotionally, you have the power to make that change. You have the choice to make that change. If I didn’t make the surgery choice, my life would have been completely different. But, here I am, telling you my story, how one of my biggest turning point in life has changed me into who I am today, and I am very proud of that. Be proud of yourself and keep loving yourself. Self -love is needed. Don’t forget, you all are amazing and a blessing.

My name is Sadia Huque and this my Project Why.


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