Project Why (Y)

Project Why. Everyone has a story to share. Your Voice Matters. I Am Human.


Project Why is a project that Infamoussingh is excited to execute. This takes part in sharing different perspectives around the world in which we all live in. Everyone has different upbringings and various ways in which they view the world. Some people deal with major struggles in life, while some people are still dealing and avoiding it. Project Why’s main goal is to share stories from different survivors that have survived the cruelty of what life threw at them.


The procedure of this project is summarized to a free photoshoot in the location you live in, plus an interview. People have the option to decide in what depth they want to share their story in. It is optional to pick a story that many can connect on, and hopefully, this who stay silent about that part of their life will open up more hearing others speak about it. Infamoussingh wants to be the people's voice, for those who are scared to open up, and for those who have the courage to talk about their stories.


Infamoussingh, being a suicide survivor, is now taking a step on being there for everyone on their downtime of life. Instead of asking “Why am I here” or “Why am I living this cruel world”, you should be asking “Why not me” or “Why not do what makes me happy?” Infamoussingh is here to encourage the youths, adults, and even the next generation to open up about their struggles and seek help if help is needed. People tend to keep their mouth shut due to fears, but Infamoussingh is trying to be their strength and their support in being able to have faith within themselves so they can live their lives in a positive mindset, no matter how bad or ugly the struggles were.


Your Voice Matters. Don’t be afraid. Join us now.

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